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Grey Moses Basket with Rocking Stand Sale!

Grey Moses Basket with Rocking Stand

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  • Rocking Stand Included. This wicker Moses bas...
  • Rocking Stand Included. This wicker Moses basket with rocking stand is the perfect addition for parents who have been looking for superior levels of comfort for their little ones alongside an eye-catching appeal.
  • This one-of-a-kind basket are quite pleasing to the eye while they will be able to provide a soothing environment for any infant. The hue of the wicker frame further adds to this overall sense of visual appeal. However, there is much more than meets the eye in terms of this quality wicker basket. Like the rocking stand perfect for rocking your little one to sleep.
  • Parents are also supplied with a hypo-allergenic mattress, extra padding and exterior dressing a hood and a quilt. So, infants can remain safe an comfortable at all times. As each and every hand-woven basket adheres to all of the current EU standards, parents can rest assured that their new addition to the family is safe and secure.
  • All fabrics are machine washable and thanks to a universal design, this basket can be used with similar bedding products. A polyester-cotton blend ensures extra breathability and insulation during colder times of the year. Anyone who has been looking for an elegant and comfortable bedding solution for their infant has come to the right place.
  • Specification - exceed latest EU standard BSEN1466:2004 / Hand woven Space-Tec Padding / Hypo-Allergenic Superb mattress Superb quality / Top Rocking Stand / Whats included? / Wicker Moses basket / Mattress / Padding / dressing / Hood / Quilt / Rocking Stand / Size Wicker Baskets = 83cm length, 49cm width wicker / Mattress= 66cm length, 29cm


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